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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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All done free hand (without any wine), which shows LOL. Decided to do some butterflies but only one look so-and-so, the rest looks like ???? Well, next time I draw these little buggers first;-)


Melody said...

I'm very impressed Wolfie. Makes me think I need to try FMQ myself. You've done a good job. I hear you just need to try it and keep practicing so maybe I will. Sounds like a good winter project.

Wolfie said...

Melody, I think it's like with everything else - you wanna get better you have to practice. although I confess - practice is a drag ;-) and - I didn't do a sampler yesterday :-O

But the thing that tipped me over, was that if I'm going to do this BOM, I want to be able to quilt it. Maybe not excellent, but at least acceptable. So I have all these horrible dark late fall and winter nights cut out for me LOL.