Thursday, September 22, 2011

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This afternoon I finally mustered up the courage to open the first bag containing the instructions for the first Butterfly Garden BOM. What was I afraid of? I understood it all :-) After reading it through I just had to start auditioning fabrics and I started with the big floral that is going to be the focal point and color setter for the entire quilt.

Even before I go the BOM pattern I had a vision of what colors I wanted to use - ruby red, mossy green and some yellow thrown in. Going through my piles of fabrics I realized that I own very, very few big floral prints. Started with the reds-burgundy-pinks:

Coming this far it struck me - Wolfie these are your so you colors and honestly - a bit of a bore!
Working my way down the stacks without anything screaming "pick me", I decided to have a look at the    lighter greens and found this:
and this one practically yelled at me ;-) The colors in the pic doesn't do justice to the actual fabric. I felt this little twirp of happiness, talk about going outside the box/comfort zone. Next to that fabric was these:

Once again - the colors in the pics are a bit of...sigh. But they match the chrysanthemums perfectly!

Delving into the FQ box rendered this collection:
Went through the box of charm packs and found a few bits. I started to go through the scrap bags, but when I finished the yellow and was into the red, I heard some ominous sounds from above and right - these danged dogs of mine had played in our bed and thin mattresses and covers has all on the floor - grrrrrr! The beasts has sought sanctuary in Sam's room, otherwise I think I would have shut them in the boiler room :-O Nahh, would never do that, but put them outside maybe?

Anyhow, I now have a little collection to start of with, but if I know me - I will probably make some online purchases for more supporting actresses LOL. I absolutely need some more fabrics (FQs will do) for the hearts, strange that I don't own just the color that sing with the chrysanthemum fabric ;-) But I absolutely need a hoop and embroidery floss if I will be able to make the first block. Gawd, this is soooo exiting!!