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Monday, September 26, 2011

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The sewing machine dealer was closed and in their store
window was no longer YLI threads, but something else I don't know anything about.
But Gung Ho - there is eBay and some sellers had these nifty tubes each holding 7 colors of YLI's silk thread. Some at better price than others (Aussis are almost as expensive as Swedes :-O), so I went for two tubes with different colors, thinking these threads must last long enough to see me through a lot of applique work in the future LOL.

So while I wait for books, fabrics, floss and thread to arrive......maybe stitch the 9 mini-blocks together and do the applique and embroidery later?. S-t, I really am going to need an embroidery hoop and that soon.

Lovely sunny fall day here in Sweden. I'm going to take oldest son for PRAO (practical work place training) hunt after he finishes school. This term it's only 4 days and if you ask me, that a bit on the downside - how much can he accomplish and learn in such a measly time ????? Sometimes I found school things hard to understand.