Lookie lookie

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just look what I got for Christmas from my darling Sis

and my oh so sweet and über generous niece Mathilda

Both the jelly roll and the 6 FQs scream Wolfie and it's evident that they where choosen with the heart.

Love both of you!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Now my quilting friends will think that I have gone totally bonkers, not a word about sewing, just nails.....
Today I did manage to take one acceptable picture of my Christmasy painted nails - thank g-d for little favours - huh? The burple Viva la Diva coated with Mavalas Violet Diamonds simply refused to cooperate with the camera, no matter how many pics I took or which camera I used. Today I used Mavalas Satin Red and coated it with Mavalas Glitter Gold and it does look very Christmasy, but the friggin red thing takes forever to dry and of coerce it puckers. I do understand why I haven't read anything in the Swedish make-up blogs about Mavala - it is simply not good enough to spend time and money on, even though it is very cheap.

Well - it's Christmas Eve which is the main celebration day here in Sweden and in a while we will sit down to have Christmas lunch. At 3pm me and my sis who is in Västerås and probably a lot of people at our age, will sit down in front of the TV and watch "Donald Ducks Christmas Eve". Can't help but giggle a bit since our kids do not understand why I have to watch that show...you can watch it anytime you want on DVD!! But for me and sis, that show is the harbinger of Christmas and one of the few fond memories of our childhood.

So from us all, to all of you A Very Merry Christmas!!

Let it snow

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The last week it has snowed here in Stockholm and even though I am not a winterysnowy kind of person, the whole world looks better with it than without. The weathermen sais it will fall some more during the night, so hopefully we will have a white Christmas and the kids can have a real wintery Christmas leave from school.

The Christmas ham is in the oven and me, I have still not managed to be able take any good pics of the burple glittering nails - buhuuu.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

If anyone (yohoooo - The DH!!!) would feel inclinded to surprise the socks of me at Christmas (even though we stopped gifts among the grown up years and years ago) this is a fail proof hint;-) I simply swoon at the endless possibilities....

If anyone can/would be sweet to send me instructions on how to take great pics of polished nails that actualy look like the nails do IRL, I would be most grateful. No matter what I try, they still turn out wrong and purple polish is the worse. It's like trying to take great pics of dark blue and purple flowers - they only turn out wrong kind of blueish.

Meanwhile I'm going to sort through my fabrics stashes to find some fitting ones for a pair of owen mitts :-)

Friday, December 18, 2009


2/3 of the male part of the family has this strange affliction when it comes to their hair - they flat out refuse to go to a hairdresser to get their hair cut!! I try to make them realise that I'm truly not educated for this and when it comes to Sam I have managed to flat out refuse until now. He wanted the neck shortened - the hair on the neck sillies, not the actual neck LOL. Even though his hair has the same structure as a horses mane, I threw in the towel and did manage to shorten it the way he wanted and yes, it looks good:-) When it comes to The DH I do try (in vane) every now and then to force him to the hairdresser, but ends up with cutting his hair myself, rather than him doing it :-O After +15yrs I do have his doo down to pat and the quicker I work (and think less) the better it gets. But still, it ain't my idea of fun.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to meet my dearest sis downtown for some Christmas gift swapping and when I'm there (which don't happen very often, just hate crwods of people) I am going to treat myself to a new nailpolish or two:-) Is thinking in the lines of something Christmassy - like dark red and holographic golden glittery. Does such a thing exist? Will we have the stamina and strenght to survive forcing our way through the Christmas crowds?? Only time will tell ;-)


Thursday, December 17, 2009

You know what? Growing old sucks!! Well I'm not on the brink of death, but well into my middle age....counting on that I get well over 100yrs old that is LOL. But I used to be quite good looking, not astonishing model like beautiful, but still good looking. And I did love make-up…as I said in a former post, ever since I know how…. I been taking good care of my skin and have used moisterizers and anti-aging products since the age of 20 (the sheer horror of looking like my ma who was wrinkeled like a prune when she was 40+ kept me on the right track) so it's only the last couple of years that those horrid little hamster cheeks has occured under the jawline, the grows from nose pass the mouth getting deeper and and that certain parts of my anatomy has moved way south of the border:-( - no matter how good bras, face creams (Freeze 24/7 ice cream scoop is the best ever) or serums (Boot's No7 Protect and Perfect is fab) these little maladies still keep on coming= big total blaaaahhhhhh.

Since I recently found all these fab blogs (many of them Swedish) dedicated to beauty - make up, nail polish and such, it have become painfully clear that I am not prime material for fancy make-up any longer I mean - just try to get a good looking layered eye shadow where it's supposed to go and where there are these less than 100% smooth eyelids that resist being totally beautified. Well, the right one is still a Bells Pareses problem child and its sheer miracle that I can get the eye shadow brush and mascara want into that maze. Come of that will, I am not giving up and am currently using Isadoras Snow fair Holliday Makeup

Luckily for me at least the nails stay the same and I have rediscovered the absolute fun art of growing them and using different pains. Reading the above mentioned blogs make me wanna run out and buy a whole bunch of new polishes and some stamp paraphernalia that I have no clue on how you use, but the result in photographs are stunning. Luckily I have learned a thing or two about my urges;-P so I keep myself in a tight reign and will only buy two new bottles, but lordy me will I have fun trying to find the right ones. And a little fun in all this cold and snow is exactly what I need:-)

Big Love part 2

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Those who know me know that I really truly love my kids like crazy and am so immensely proud of them. I now that it's not often parents get a "sign of approval", but we got one today that affirmed that all the hard work, all the struggle and all the TLC we have poured in have really and truly made a difference = YEAHHHHHH:-D I will carry that approval like a badge of love on my sleeve for a very, very long time.

Big Love part 1

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Well dahlings - there are loves and then there are loves (material or not) that strike us in different phases in our lives and just have to confess that I have always loved make-up ever since I knew how. You could possibly blame this on my mom who never wore any except a smidge of lipstick and nothing else. And then there was my Granny who always was very well turned out, from her permed hair to her tight and squeaky corset LOL.
I'm one of these people who was born with a face like a canvas - it does extremely well with some make-up on, without its kind of bland LOL and I fortunately I seem to have a very good knack for applying it.

I’ve gone through phases, but always put my makeup on in the morning, in my youth spent much SEK on high end products – some of them I have even spent for 25yrs or so; a black lacquer YSL eye pencil, a Dior gorgeous striped blue case holding an eye shadow palette and an Estee L eye shadows or two. After I quit working in hospitals I even grew my nails nicely long and kept them well polished for years and years. These habits came to a halt with the arrival of The DH and the kids. A halt - not a full stop - more like getting back to basics (except for mascaras:-O) and occasional being more natural, like making my own creams and mineral make-up products. But a year or so ago, I went back to purchasing and occasional eye shadow duo or a lipgloss

It all took a turn when I found this Swedish blog a couple of months ago and later on several of it's sister blogs. I so enjoy reading the reviews everything from hairshampoo, via skincare, makeup and the fascinating world of nailcare.

Since I do not see the necessity anymore to buy overpriced couture make up, I keeping to the budget ones and my fav is Isadora, a Swedish company. I had short nails, that looked good in summer, split in in winters and even sometimes got bitten. Now they have kind of returned to their glam nail roots ;-) and I am totally enjoying myself. I haven’t gone berserk or anything, just a bought a few new bottles in very cool colours and an awesome glitter flake top coat that makes you eyes twinkle with joy. I love it so much, that I have to check out my nails several times each day in different lights LOL.

Why any polish stays on better then the other is something I can't fathom, I mean I do understand that one brand is better than the other, but why two different polishes from the same manufacturer behave differently??? Well if anyone has any idea why this is, just shout out loud:-)

Long time

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well it has been a while, but I'm back. On the 10th of October me and The DH went to Ericsson Globe Arena and watched Fleetwood Mac. WOW!!! What a very very special concert, greatly magical and one of the very best shows I have ever seen in my entire life and I do have been to a concert or two in my life. Second row front...and we was asked to get up and stand just beneath the stage and we ended up just next to Lindsey Buckingham who truly owned the stage that night. I have always thought that Fleetwood Mac was a girl thing, but oh my, they are a men thing with mostly men dancing, digging with happy-happy smiles on their faces in front of the stage - ordinary, straight middle aged men;-) Then I always thought that Stevie Nicks was the front figure, but she kept a rather low profile this evening, letting Lindsey rock away - now that man must be of the top five guitarists in the world today.....even though severe middle aged and suffering from Bells Palsy in that extent that I to listen to the concert with one ear plugged, I did dance my butt of that evening:-D Old loves never die LOL.