Thursday, December 17, 2009

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You know what? Growing old sucks!! Well I'm not on the brink of death, but well into my middle age....counting on that I get well over 100yrs old that is LOL. But I used to be quite good looking, not astonishing model like beautiful, but still good looking. And I did love make-up…as I said in a former post, ever since I know how…. I been taking good care of my skin and have used moisterizers and anti-aging products since the age of 20 (the sheer horror of looking like my ma who was wrinkeled like a prune when she was 40+ kept me on the right track) so it's only the last couple of years that those horrid little hamster cheeks has occured under the jawline, the grows from nose pass the mouth getting deeper and and that certain parts of my anatomy has moved way south of the border:-( - no matter how good bras, face creams (Freeze 24/7 ice cream scoop is the best ever) or serums (Boot's No7 Protect and Perfect is fab) these little maladies still keep on coming= big total blaaaahhhhhh.

Since I recently found all these fab blogs (many of them Swedish) dedicated to beauty - make up, nail polish and such, it have become painfully clear that I am not prime material for fancy make-up any longer I mean - just try to get a good looking layered eye shadow where it's supposed to go and where there are these less than 100% smooth eyelids that resist being totally beautified. Well, the right one is still a Bells Pareses problem child and its sheer miracle that I can get the eye shadow brush and mascara want into that maze. Come of that will, I am not giving up and am currently using Isadoras Snow fair Holliday Makeup

Luckily for me at least the nails stay the same and I have rediscovered the absolute fun art of growing them and using different pains. Reading the above mentioned blogs make me wanna run out and buy a whole bunch of new polishes and some stamp paraphernalia that I have no clue on how you use, but the result in photographs are stunning. Luckily I have learned a thing or two about my urges;-P so I keep myself in a tight reign and will only buy two new bottles, but lordy me will I have fun trying to find the right ones. And a little fun in all this cold and snow is exactly what I need:-)