Long time

Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Well it has been a while, but I'm back. On the 10th of October me and The DH went to Ericsson Globe Arena and watched Fleetwood Mac. WOW!!! What a very very special concert, greatly magical and one of the very best shows I have ever seen in my entire life and I do have been to a concert or two in my life. Second row front...and we was asked to get up and stand just beneath the stage and we ended up just next to Lindsey Buckingham who truly owned the stage that night. I have always thought that Fleetwood Mac was a girl thing, but oh my, they are a men thing with mostly men dancing, digging with happy-happy smiles on their faces in front of the stage - ordinary, straight middle aged men;-) Then I always thought that Stevie Nicks was the front figure, but she kept a rather low profile this evening, letting Lindsey rock away - now that man must be of the top five guitarists in the world today.....even though severe middle aged and suffering from Bells Palsy in that extent that I to listen to the concert with one ear plugged, I did dance my butt of that evening:-D Old loves never die LOL.