Friday, December 18, 2009

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2/3 of the male part of the family has this strange affliction when it comes to their hair - they flat out refuse to go to a hairdresser to get their hair cut!! I try to make them realise that I'm truly not educated for this and when it comes to Sam I have managed to flat out refuse until now. He wanted the neck shortened - the hair on the neck sillies, not the actual neck LOL. Even though his hair has the same structure as a horses mane, I threw in the towel and did manage to shorten it the way he wanted and yes, it looks good:-) When it comes to The DH I do try (in vane) every now and then to force him to the hairdresser, but ends up with cutting his hair myself, rather than him doing it :-O After +15yrs I do have his doo down to pat and the quicker I work (and think less) the better it gets. But still, it ain't my idea of fun.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to meet my dearest sis downtown for some Christmas gift swapping and when I'm there (which don't happen very often, just hate crwods of people) I am going to treat myself to a new nailpolish or two:-) Is thinking in the lines of something Christmassy - like dark red and holographic golden glittery. Does such a thing exist? Will we have the stamina and strenght to survive forcing our way through the Christmas crowds?? Only time will tell ;-)