Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Now my quilting friends will think that I have gone totally bonkers, not a word about sewing, just nails.....
Today I did manage to take one acceptable picture of my Christmasy painted nails - thank g-d for little favours - huh? The burple Viva la Diva coated with Mavalas Violet Diamonds simply refused to cooperate with the camera, no matter how many pics I took or which camera I used. Today I used Mavalas Satin Red and coated it with Mavalas Glitter Gold and it does look very Christmasy, but the friggin red thing takes forever to dry and of coerce it puckers. I do understand why I haven't read anything in the Swedish make-up blogs about Mavala - it is simply not good enough to spend time and money on, even though it is very cheap.

Well - it's Christmas Eve which is the main celebration day here in Sweden and in a while we will sit down to have Christmas lunch. At 3pm me and my sis who is in Västerås and probably a lot of people at our age, will sit down in front of the TV and watch "Donald Ducks Christmas Eve". Can't help but giggle a bit since our kids do not understand why I have to watch that can watch it anytime you want on DVD!! But for me and sis, that show is the harbinger of Christmas and one of the few fond memories of our childhood.

So from us all, to all of you A Very Merry Christmas!!


Lillasyster said...

Well it was not only you and me Sis. Mathilda sat next to me and could a lot of the texts and songs :) I have raised her well, haven´t I ???
She did get the last dress in her size and she was jolly pleased.
Now she is on that camp I will not hear a word from her until new yearsday :)) Than she will be home, happy to the bones...
love you sister ister / syster yster/