New arrivals

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

While I shopped fabric for borders and backing for the DWR, I couldn't help but to buy some other bits of fabrics as well. A stash can never get to large IMHO .
As with many of my purchases, they are bought just cause I like them, not that I have any particular project in mind. But I'm pretty sure they will find their proper place one of these days.

DWR part V - need more help help help help he......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I think I must be more confused than ever since I posted this on my NP blog...

Well now it's in it's right place and this is it:
I have finished piecing the DWR top, all them little melon wedges and centre pieces sewn together. I can't remember that I ever pinned and ripped seams apart as much as I have done the last week. And even after all that ripping and re-sewing, what did I find when I put the top up on the wall??? Two pieces of the four diamonds (the multicolored bits) are puckered, some sewn wrinkles and need to be re-done.

But now I really need some help from those of you who have done DWR quilts and didn't make a scalloped edge. This is what my top looks like so far:
And in the green frame the multicolored "diamonds", along the edges only three parts of one since that's the way the pattern/rings comes together. I have added one diamond to see if the edge can be evened out, but no such luck.

The thing is that I want to add a border of the Robert Kaufman fusion fabric that is on it's way from California and I can't for the life of my understand how I'm going to fit that in with the scalloped edge? I mean, there is no seam allowance that can be used for applique (horror among horrors, imagine appliqueing all them borders into the Kaufman fabric) and I can't cut the borders cause then the rings would be amputated :-(

So my dear follow quilters - how is this solved? Anyone who experienced this? Anyone who knows of a web source that describe how you work this out? All in all - HEEEELLLPPPPPP.

I need to get this quilt done with within the next two weeks, since I want to be able to give it to my wonderful MIL as my "house warming" gift to her the second next Saturday.

Believe it or not, but it's raining outside. Sam braved the elements (hip deep snow and rain) and went out to the RV and fetched all ACDC cds which he now have copied to his cellphone. He's now sitting at the dining rooms table doing schoolwork, singing along in his own hard rocking world LOL.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't know about you, but for me there are some secrets I find it darned hard no to tell. Or more correctly, there are coming events that there is no need talking about in advance, in case they don't come through. And I have such a secret, a very humonguos large one that make want to jump up and down and scream "know what!!"and I can't tell a single soul. Not eve the DH who I normally tell most my secrets too;-P Not that anyone told me not to spill the beans, this secret is mine and mine alone and if it goes through, I'm going over different scenarios in my head on how to spring it to the family. And they are the only ones I can tell when time comes.....Cryptic, yup more than anyone ever could imagine and I swear, my mind spins. As fast as the wheels on the little Honda when driven through large piles of slush in our neibourhood.

"Steer Woolfie, steer"was all I could think, but when you go downhill you have to use the breaks - don't you?? Ack, my poor easily scared driving soul - my heart went not only into double gear, but surely thirdly and even more. But I did manage to get home without getting stuck or sliding of the street. Never thought it was possible, but holy cow how much I miss the large car that is in the shop for some beauty treatment. Hmm, well at least restoration, me and that car had an encounter with one of the pillars in the garage at work some weeks before Christmas. A garage that I and many with me wonder what kind of stupid architect has designed.  9 stories high where the enter and exit ramps are the same and the bends between every 1/2 floors are tighter than a hen's patootie and I'm not the first nor will be the last, who's car got scraped.

Fed up with cooking the same food every two weeks or so, I found some new recipes so today we are having homemade goulash soup, which take like forever to make but it probably will be delish. I do need to sew some on the DWR, but honestly I think I need to rest a bit before I have to help Sam with his homework. What evil minded teacher gives out homework on the first day after Christmas leave one might wonder? The kids need time to adjust to reality if you ask me LOL.

DWR part IV - need help

Friday, January 7, 2011


This is not the finished quilt , it's just the left row that is assembled, the rest are pieced pieces LOL pinned to my very rudimentary design wall. After putting it up there I realized that I had used the wrong melon wedges for the right side of the circles, so there I was again working with my trusted friend Mr Ripper;-)
After finishing that first row, I realized yet one more thing - the half bits of the inner pieces (of-white ones) I had cut to fit into the place where the red arrows are, don't fit when the blocks are turned this way (according to the description I had) and not the way I had pinned them at first. No matter how I turn these bits or the inner pieces, the simply don't fit.

The thing is - I do not want a scalloped edge but a blue border from Kaufman Fusions, because I think it' a nicer finishing touch than scallops. Oh don't get me wrong, I do love scallops in their right places, but IMHO they don't fit in with this scheme.

So dear sweet readers - do you have any idea on what shape of white  I can use to make the edges even?? I thought about getting some white paper underneath and outline, but somewhere in the back of me head a nagging voice say "you can bet your sweet patootie that your edges aren't even. Hmmmmm I might have to outline each and everyone of these???? Thank heave my MIL isn't moving until in 3 weeks:-D

DWR quilt part III

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well my friends, all the little melon wedges and middle pieces are now done and pinned on my "design wall". It's so many of them, that the last row of circles kind of flows out on the floor LOL.

Tomorrow I am going to take pictures and ask for two pieces of advice, right now it's to dark to get any good ones. And I am sort of backing from using a wide sheet for backing and will check out Thousands of Bolts webshop to see if I can find some nice blue backing fabric to use instead. They are always very fast with shipping out orders, so I ought to be within the timeframe to finish it. Tihi, I even bout a roll of wrapping paper on sale, so I can gift wrap it nicely.

I am viewing that design wall with great anticipation - how on earth am I going to sew all these curved bits and pieces together and get them to lay flat??? Lucklily there is Mr Ripper there to help me if anything goes wrong. But I do wish I had a quilting friend on hand who could show me what to do.

Time to get dinner ready. Stay warm, it's still cold out there.

Kaufman fabric

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good morning, hope that the food was lovely and champagne flowing and that you all are well today. We had our seafood platter (oh my, you should have seen the kids when faced with an über expensive oyster and a drop of real champagne), very nice champagne, reminiscence of the year that past - booth the good and the bad and what we wish for the coming year.

Right now I wish for a fabric;-) My stash isn't extremely large, manageable I would say, so I had enough of good blues to make the DWR.  But - I don't have more than one fabric that is suitable for the border and it's a long way from enough. I don't have the entire selvage left but a part, so I don't get the name of this fabric, but I took a photo:
If anyone of you have any idea on the name of this fabric (I do believe it's from one of the fusion series) and ..... where I can find it, I would be so very very thankful.

Have a restful day, here it is snowing........again....