DWR part IV - need help

Friday, January 7, 2011

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This is not the finished quilt , it's just the left row that is assembled, the rest are pieced pieces LOL pinned to my very rudimentary design wall. After putting it up there I realized that I had used the wrong melon wedges for the right side of the circles, so there I was again working with my trusted friend Mr Ripper;-)
After finishing that first row, I realized yet one more thing - the half bits of the inner pieces (of-white ones) I had cut to fit into the place where the red arrows are, don't fit when the blocks are turned this way (according to the description I had) and not the way I had pinned them at first. No matter how I turn these bits or the inner pieces, the simply don't fit.

The thing is - I do not want a scalloped edge but a blue border from Kaufman Fusions, because I think it' a nicer finishing touch than scallops. Oh don't get me wrong, I do love scallops in their right places, but IMHO they don't fit in with this scheme.

So dear sweet readers - do you have any idea on what shape of white  I can use to make the edges even?? I thought about getting some white paper underneath and outline, but somewhere in the back of me head a nagging voice say "you can bet your sweet patootie that your edges aren't even. Hmmmmm I might have to outline each and everyone of these???? Thank heave my MIL isn't moving until in 3 weeks:-D


Beth said...


It wouldn't be the white that fits there... but another square/diamond of the blue print... if this edge were to finish as if another melon was to go there.

Good luck....

Wolfie said...

Beth - it took me more than 24hrs to "get it", shows how slow my brain work at times;-) But I confess that I still don't get the whole picture, cause even if I use a diamond in the Kaufman fusion to be (it's on it's way from Paducah) there will still be a slight scallop edge left. Or??? Ack how I wish for a quilting fairy godmother at times.

Time to start to work on the 3rd row:-)