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Sunday, January 16, 2011

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I think I must be more confused than ever since I posted this on my NP blog...

Well now it's in it's right place and this is it:
I have finished piecing the DWR top, all them little melon wedges and centre pieces sewn together. I can't remember that I ever pinned and ripped seams apart as much as I have done the last week. And even after all that ripping and re-sewing, what did I find when I put the top up on the wall??? Two pieces of the four diamonds (the multicolored bits) are puckered, some sewn wrinkles and need to be re-done.

But now I really need some help from those of you who have done DWR quilts and didn't make a scalloped edge. This is what my top looks like so far:
And in the green frame the multicolored "diamonds", along the edges only three parts of one since that's the way the pattern/rings comes together. I have added one diamond to see if the edge can be evened out, but no such luck.

The thing is that I want to add a border of the Robert Kaufman fusion fabric that is on it's way from California and I can't for the life of my understand how I'm going to fit that in with the scalloped edge? I mean, there is no seam allowance that can be used for applique (horror among horrors, imagine appliqueing all them borders into the Kaufman fabric) and I can't cut the borders cause then the rings would be amputated :-(

So my dear follow quilters - how is this solved? Anyone who experienced this? Anyone who knows of a web source that describe how you work this out? All in all - HEEEELLLPPPPPP.

I need to get this quilt done with within the next two weeks, since I want to be able to give it to my wonderful MIL as my "house warming" gift to her the second next Saturday.

Believe it or not, but it's raining outside. Sam braved the elements (hip deep snow and rain) and went out to the RV and fetched all ACDC cds which he now have copied to his cellphone. He's now sitting at the dining rooms table doing schoolwork, singing along in his own hard rocking world LOL.


Anna i Sandviken said...

Inte kul när man fastnar sådär.
Har du funderat på att vändsy kanten?
Håller tummarna för att du får till det.

Wolfie said...

Anna - menar du att jag ska vika in kanten och applicera den på bården?? Madre dios - hur ska jag hinna bli klar i tid?? Hur har du gjort med dina DWR??