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Saturday, January 1, 2011

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Good morning, hope that the food was lovely and champagne flowing and that you all are well today. We had our seafood platter (oh my, you should have seen the kids when faced with an über expensive oyster and a drop of real champagne), very nice champagne, reminiscence of the year that past - booth the good and the bad and what we wish for the coming year.

Right now I wish for a fabric;-) My stash isn't extremely large, manageable I would say, so I had enough of good blues to make the DWR.  But - I don't have more than one fabric that is suitable for the border and it's a long way from enough. I don't have the entire selvage left but a part, so I don't get the name of this fabric, but I took a photo:
If anyone of you have any idea on the name of this fabric (I do believe it's from one of the fusion series) and ..... where I can find it, I would be so very very thankful.

Have a restful day, here it is snowing........again....


Melody said...

Wolfie, I'll keep an eye out. I did find the name and number. It's EY-4070-89 Marine from Fusions® 4070. Beautiful fabric. I love blues

Wolfie said...

Thanks Melody!! I had found it at Hankocks, but thanks to your comment I realized that they had the wrong EY number. It showed a picture of the correct fabric, but the last two digits was the turquoise one...I do have emailed them :-)