I'm wating

Thursday, July 16, 2009

and waiting and waiting and...... fell so frustrated cause I'm waiting.

I ordered a bunch of novels from Amazon.uk, but by some mysterious reasons they take forever to be shipped out and I have nothing but old novels to re-read and honestly, it is kind of boring:-(

I bought the book "Quick trip quilts" by Eleanor Burns I finaly was inspired to use up a Gypsy Rose (from Moda) jelly roll that have been laying about. Said and done, inspired it was since I only used these 2.5in strips, where the pattern call for different widths. Well they turned into a medallion type of design, my only one full flanked by two halfs in a different color. At first I thought, what the h-k, I build on from this, ordering some suiting fabrics online. Then I went with my gut feeling (teamed by good Pickle advice) and ordered two more jelly rolls of the same, to be able to finish up the green medallions as well. While I was at it, I also ordered some new threads - a cone of Surperior Threads top stich and 2 or 3 variegated King Tut.

I have been on the verge of ordering a set of Omnigrid Double Wedding Ring templates, but the companies that sell them don't ship outside of the USA. Why??? I have absolutely no clue, but with my shipping luck, they would turn up in time for Christmas LOL.

To keep my self occupied to not go stark raving mad, I finaly got down to do some work in the green house and at least the tomatoes have got nice new buckets with lot of yummy fertilizer to make them grow bountiful and strong. Next one out is the goldenberries, on demand from my youngest son.-9