Time to move on

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm moving my ramblings over to WordPress:

for various reasons. 

This blog will stay as it is for now on - no new posts, but the old ones will sit here with pictures and all.

So - Welcome to follow me over!! 
:-D Wolfie

Fruits of our labour

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hahha, that header is a bit of a duality, but I'm only going to tell one side ;-p

And I was going to show the YLI silk threads that arrived yesterday and - my first halting steps into the world of applique. But instead I show this:
At 7am I dragged my butt out of bed, made load if sandwiches while The DH made tea, packed us all (2 grown ups and two dogs) into the big car along with baskets, back-pack and extra plastic bags for a 45 min drive to "our" forrest and The DH's special place. And look, after a looooong walk we found the first spot and after that it only got better and better:
The DH's basket and Arwen on the lookout.

The dogs had soooo much fun; ran like crazy at RR top speed, chasing each other, wrestling and then off again. Impossible to catch on "film" but it make me heart brim with joy to see Fiona who turns 10 in a month, acting like a youngster :-D
My basket filled to the brim with autumn chanterelles and quite a few yellow ones.
After 2 hrs (with a nice tea break) this is the catch of the day - The DH is very proud and we had a lovely time together in the glorious Indian Summer weather. It got so warm that I could strip down to the camisole - heavenly :-)

OK it is fun to pick wild mushrooms, but cleaning them is another matter entirely.
Cleaned. At the end The DH gave up and chucked the tiniest one out behind our back fence. Ask me and I call that sacrilege LOL.
On the way home we dropped some of for my darling MIL. And at home we gave some to our neighbors.
Weighted  - 7.5kg!!

Right now my back hurts, so I do take a well deserved rest on my bed, but I need to get down in the kitchen to parboil it all and pack it for the freezer. Guess tonights dinner? "Lövbiff" (something in the vicinity of minute steak) creamed yellow chanterelles and garlic potato wedges = yummmm :-)

Tomorrow I might show some applique pictures. If I manage to get out of bed that is .....