So cosy

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well I admit, I have been a lazy blogger... nah not lazy, just kind of uninspired. I think that I over did it with sewing all these things for the RV - after that I kind of deflated and the only thing I have made is this:
a teacosy for the .....RV!! I very much doubt that there are many happy campers that have a real teapot on board, but we do :-) Nothing fancy, a cream colored with blue print from IKEA.

In our very small neighborhood mall (I'm not even sure that it really qualifies for a mall) there is a store selling Juki industrial sewing machines, buttons, YLI thread and such and I have never felt the urge to go in and check them out. But since son No 1 managed to break my ergonomically shaped ripper (from Fons & Porter) one day I went in to see if they had a substitute. Which they didn't. But the owner was a very nice guy and 1,2,3 the next day I brought my Janome 6600 for a checkup and service. Since we had had all the cars in for service the last weeks, why not my machine? They gave it some TLC and - had to sharpen/file the feeder cogs cause they had developed some grades (gradients??? not entirely sure of the correct word). Jeez Louise, I must have sewed up a storm the 2.5 yrs I have owned it ;-O

So here I am, with a almost as new sewing machine, lots of gorgeous fabrics and threads and with absolutely no idea on what kind of project to start on next. I mean it - I have no ideas at all. There are enough quilts (the kids don't want any of their own) and pillowcases in the house, I have some bags and totes, tea cosy (for the house), oven mitts, table runner and a table cloth, Christmasy stuff and the only UFO are a collect of table mats to use when we have company....

So my dear readers - HHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!

Talk about confused

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How many people do you know who tries to put a 5 krona (5 SEK coin) into the steering lock (have absolutely no clue what the correct word is) in the car? Well, now you know at least one LOL.

Guess what half of the family

Friday, August 6, 2010

are going to do tomorrow? THIS
The DH and Sam are going to spend the day there. Not my cup of tea and John is not into that kind of music. Luckily the weather report has changed from rain, to sun and +22C:-)

My unique tableware

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OK, you can call me a snob and fancy kind of girl, but I do love to have things that nobody else has. I mean, I do know the need for durable stuff in an RV (we did have plastic in the yacht), but I have this need for the dinner table to look great too.
Here in Sweden you can only get melamine tableware and pretty all sellers carries the same line. During our RV road trip I couldn't help but glancing at other peoples dishes in the common dishwashingroom and nobody, I mean nobody had the same fantastic tableware or glasses as I do.
The pics aren't so good cause the light inside the RV where it's parked, is kind of dark, but these are the lovely things we got from the USA:

Just the right stuff that makes a grown woman happy:-D