So cosy

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Well I admit, I have been a lazy blogger... nah not lazy, just kind of uninspired. I think that I over did it with sewing all these things for the RV - after that I kind of deflated and the only thing I have made is this:
a teacosy for the .....RV!! I very much doubt that there are many happy campers that have a real teapot on board, but we do :-) Nothing fancy, a cream colored with blue print from IKEA.

In our very small neighborhood mall (I'm not even sure that it really qualifies for a mall) there is a store selling Juki industrial sewing machines, buttons, YLI thread and such and I have never felt the urge to go in and check them out. But since son No 1 managed to break my ergonomically shaped ripper (from Fons & Porter) one day I went in to see if they had a substitute. Which they didn't. But the owner was a very nice guy and 1,2,3 the next day I brought my Janome 6600 for a checkup and service. Since we had had all the cars in for service the last weeks, why not my machine? They gave it some TLC and - had to sharpen/file the feeder cogs cause they had developed some grades (gradients??? not entirely sure of the correct word). Jeez Louise, I must have sewed up a storm the 2.5 yrs I have owned it ;-O

So here I am, with a almost as new sewing machine, lots of gorgeous fabrics and threads and with absolutely no idea on what kind of project to start on next. I mean it - I have no ideas at all. There are enough quilts (the kids don't want any of their own) and pillowcases in the house, I have some bags and totes, tea cosy (for the house), oven mitts, table runner and a table cloth, Christmasy stuff and the only UFO are a collect of table mats to use when we have company....

So my dear readers - HHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!