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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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One thing that make me feel good and that is to have a pile of new books awaiting to be read. I do have four Billy bookcases choke full - you know when your first you have one row of books, then you pile some more on top of them and when that's full, you store them in a second front row too. I know I that I tried to throw away some older ones when we moved here in 1999, but the DH got chocked - you never ever throw ways books was his statement. So I lend already read ones to friends and family and in some cases I hope they forget to return them. In other cases (like all Anne Rice, Philip Pullman, Shantaram and others) I'm gonna save "forever".
Anyhow, on Monday and today the latest order from Amazon.co.uk arrived and now I have a nice selection to read, among them a new fantasy series "The Opal Cowen" trilogy and - the one I started and enjoy tremendously "The Help" by Katryn Stockett.

Feeling of richness can also come from something as trivial as a new hoard of nail polishes LOL.

Fall has really arrived, the leaves are turning and a strong wind is blowing = :-(


Melody said...

My mother left The Help with me on her last trip to see me. (That's how we get rid of "read" books - 2 states away and you're probably not getting them back) It was the only one of the books she left that I wasn't familiar with. May have to start that one next.

And I love your RV dinnerware!

Beth said...

I just finished The Help too. I listened to it on my iPhone.... Audible Books.com. It was read in the voices of the characters, which made it really easy to sew and listen to the story!!! Different voice different character. Loved the story!!!

Wolfie said...

I finished the Help in record time - what a great book!!! Are there more from the same author?
Now I'm on the finishing stretch of the first book in the Opal Cowan trilogy "Storm Glass" and I really like it. I'm kind of fickly when it comes to fantasy books, but this is a really catching good read.

Anyone with suggestions of more new good reads??