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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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OK, you can call me a snob and fancy kind of girl, but I do love to have things that nobody else has. I mean, I do know the need for durable stuff in an RV (we did have plastic in the yacht), but I have this need for the dinner table to look great too.
Here in Sweden you can only get melamine tableware and pretty all sellers carries the same line. During our RV road trip I couldn't help but glancing at other peoples dishes in the common dishwashingroom and nobody, I mean nobody had the same fantastic tableware or glasses as I do.
The pics aren't so good cause the light inside the RV where it's parked, is kind of dark, but these are the lovely things we got from the USA:

Just the right stuff that makes a grown woman happy:-D


Trish said...

Beautiful! :)

Wolfie said...

Yup, beyond description LOL. But it is true, overtime I use one these glasses, I get this childish happy feeling:-D