Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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I don't know about you, but for me there are some secrets I find it darned hard no to tell. Or more correctly, there are coming events that there is no need talking about in advance, in case they don't come through. And I have such a secret, a very humonguos large one that make want to jump up and down and scream "know what!!"and I can't tell a single soul. Not eve the DH who I normally tell most my secrets too;-P Not that anyone told me not to spill the beans, this secret is mine and mine alone and if it goes through, I'm going over different scenarios in my head on how to spring it to the family. And they are the only ones I can tell when time comes.....Cryptic, yup more than anyone ever could imagine and I swear, my mind spins. As fast as the wheels on the little Honda when driven through large piles of slush in our neibourhood.

"Steer Woolfie, steer"was all I could think, but when you go downhill you have to use the breaks - don't you?? Ack, my poor easily scared driving soul - my heart went not only into double gear, but surely thirdly and even more. But I did manage to get home without getting stuck or sliding of the street. Never thought it was possible, but holy cow how much I miss the large car that is in the shop for some beauty treatment. Hmm, well at least restoration, me and that car had an encounter with one of the pillars in the garage at work some weeks before Christmas. A garage that I and many with me wonder what kind of stupid architect has designed.  9 stories high where the enter and exit ramps are the same and the bends between every 1/2 floors are tighter than a hen's patootie and I'm not the first nor will be the last, who's car got scraped.

Fed up with cooking the same food every two weeks or so, I found some new recipes so today we are having homemade goulash soup, which take like forever to make but it probably will be delish. I do need to sew some on the DWR, but honestly I think I need to rest a bit before I have to help Sam with his homework. What evil minded teacher gives out homework on the first day after Christmas leave one might wonder? The kids need time to adjust to reality if you ask me LOL.