Big Love part 1

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Well dahlings - there are loves and then there are loves (material or not) that strike us in different phases in our lives and just have to confess that I have always loved make-up ever since I knew how. You could possibly blame this on my mom who never wore any except a smidge of lipstick and nothing else. And then there was my Granny who always was very well turned out, from her permed hair to her tight and squeaky corset LOL.
I'm one of these people who was born with a face like a canvas - it does extremely well with some make-up on, without its kind of bland LOL and I fortunately I seem to have a very good knack for applying it.

I’ve gone through phases, but always put my makeup on in the morning, in my youth spent much SEK on high end products – some of them I have even spent for 25yrs or so; a black lacquer YSL eye pencil, a Dior gorgeous striped blue case holding an eye shadow palette and an Estee L eye shadows or two. After I quit working in hospitals I even grew my nails nicely long and kept them well polished for years and years. These habits came to a halt with the arrival of The DH and the kids. A halt - not a full stop - more like getting back to basics (except for mascaras:-O) and occasional being more natural, like making my own creams and mineral make-up products. But a year or so ago, I went back to purchasing and occasional eye shadow duo or a lipgloss

It all took a turn when I found this Swedish blog a couple of months ago and later on several of it's sister blogs. I so enjoy reading the reviews everything from hairshampoo, via skincare, makeup and the fascinating world of nailcare.

Since I do not see the necessity anymore to buy overpriced couture make up, I keeping to the budget ones and my fav is Isadora, a Swedish company. I had short nails, that looked good in summer, split in in winters and even sometimes got bitten. Now they have kind of returned to their glam nail roots ;-) and I am totally enjoying myself. I haven’t gone berserk or anything, just a bought a few new bottles in very cool colours and an awesome glitter flake top coat that makes you eyes twinkle with joy. I love it so much, that I have to check out my nails several times each day in different lights LOL.

Why any polish stays on better then the other is something I can't fathom, I mean I do understand that one brand is better than the other, but why two different polishes from the same manufacturer behave differently??? Well if anyone has any idea why this is, just shout out loud:-)