What a horror

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Anyone care to guess what all these people queue for? Nope, not a rock consert or some free giveaway, but Lego. Yes you read me right – Lego as in kids’ pedagogical plastic building blocks. The local mall has undergone a huge transformation and the first phase is finished, so BR Leksaker (a toy chain) celebrates it’s re-opening today with selling all Lego sets at 50% of. I read the ad in yesterday’s local paper and I admit – its one heck of a bargain since Lego is a rather expensive toy. So I decided to take the kids and be there a bit before opening, imagining a couple of kids queuing up, holding their allowances in their sweaty little hands. At 9.30am this morning we arrived at the scene and what did we see? A whole lot of grown ups, some senior citizens and some kids, mostly babies in prams – all about 20 or so of the grown ups. As time snailed past, the queue grew and imagine our great surprise when 10 minutes before opening, the personal asked us to move over to the other door and in that way managed to change the whole thing so the people who came last all the sudden was first in line. Well at 10am the doors opened and now the real nightmare began… some of the kids managed to sneak under the rolling door, but as the space grew the grown ups started to fight for position and it turned really ugly when 3 women with prams pushed themselves forward in breadth like an medeical ramming rod, staring firmly right ahead not giving a rats patotie about who or what got in their way. And it was the parents etc that fought like crazy in the narrow isles to get over the boxes of choice. Well, if that’s was going to be the way to do thing, to get to the kind of sets my youngest like (the older managed to fight for himself, picking up several boxes of Star Wars Lego), I had to play a bit dirty too. Not too much since it isn’t in my nature, but enough to get most of the things I wanted.

After a while we managed to find each other, checking out that the finds where the right kind of finds and then the real “fun” began – to get it all paid for and get out of there. Easy peasy – right? Just find a casher and flash your plastic! HAHAHAH – that type of store only has two cashiers! And finding where the queue started and getting there was like fighting the trenches in WW1. OMG, people’s sense of right or wrong truly had gone on vacation today, because the queue came from three directions and merge into one, all in the chockfull aisles. I saw John starting to turn white, me I started to shake from the stress and one poor guy round 8-9 suddenly just throw up. Nearing the cashier we saw that the manager had shut the entrance door and outside was as many people queuing for a second wave of inhibited bashful Lego extravaganza. Needless to say we all drew a deep breath of relief when all finally was paid and done fore. And my sweet wise kids said never again and quickly decided that they only could open one small box each today and the rest will be hidden away for Christmas. This was my Christmas shopping will be down to almost nothing this year

To end it all on a sweet gorgeous note – can anynone say PLEASSSSSE?

From left to right: Fiona, Arwen and their BBF Lucas waiting for a meatball:-D