The ellusive curtain hooks

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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As with most RVs and caravans, ours came with fuggly curtains. I made new lacy under curtains and could use the hooks that came with the old curtains, but the front ones was of the panel kind that hung on thin aluminium rods and that model didn't speek to me at all. Found the right kind of hooks (the same that came with the car) at one of the local RV retailers, but not enough - far from it. They ordered a whole lot of more for me but they have still not arrived and it has gone more than 2 months.

So here I am, with all the curtains made and ready to go up but nothing to hang them with:-( I have been looking at Swedish camping webstores but if they carry curtain supplies, it is not the model I want/need.

Now I''m looking to you folks to help me out - do any of you have a clue on where on the www I can find just these kind of hooks and eyelets? When the hook is attatched to the glider in the first picture,, they are appr. 2.5cm long.

I certainly hope for luck, otherwise I have no clue on what to do;-)


Anna i Åkarp said...

De är väldigt lika krokarna till draperiskenorna från Ikea. Har du tittat på dem?

Wolfie said...

Är IKEAS krokar så små?? I så fall ska jag åka förbi Barkaby på vägen hem på måndag. Låter nästan för bra för att vara sant LOL.