Practice, practice and practice again

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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I said it before - FMQ is not my strongest forte. But after doing my quilting the easy way out (in the ditch and shapes cut out of freezer paper, iron them to the top and sew along the edges) I have come to a point where I would like to better my skills. And - you can't do that without practice....even though it's not one of my favorite pastimes.....

I do consider myself really good home cook, most of the food I put on the table is made from scratch and from the way food disappears form my table, family and friends thinks I'm good too. But you know, I can cook coeur de filet provencale without batting an eyelid, but when it came to fry and ordinary egg or - make pancakes (the Swedish way) has been such a hassle and I ended up with more pancakes for the dogs than for us :-o.

But darned if I gave up and even though I still think it's a bore to fry enough pancakes (the Swedish way) to feed a family of four, when I feel in my most generous and caring mood I do. So during family powow on Sunday on this weeks menue, The DH wanted crêpes, so said and done, I made enough batter and fried away - round 23-25 pancakes.
Then a prawn stew with dill to fill them with - look enough food to feed a small army!!

I think there was  3 crêpes left when we where finished.

So I toil away on my small practice sandwhiches, most look like sh-t, but I hope that if I continue to make at least one per day, one of these days they will start too look better.

And maybe I ought to stop being so hard on myself and admit that everything don't have (or can't) be picture perfect at once ;-)


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Actually, you should take a look at the photo on your blog....they look really good!!!! I'm guessing the third one, at the bottom, is the most recent? It looks like your shapes are smoother just with a few bits of practice!

How big are the samples? Be careful not to make them too small or they become hard to handle...if you have scraps you can sacrifice to practice, try a sandwich maybe 40 cm square....KEEP DOING IT! YEAH for Wolfie! Cheers, Sarah

Wolfie said...

Sara - you are so right, that one was the most recent. But really good???? Nahhh, not in my opinion. Bet then again, it's only the third sandwich

The samples are appr 30X30 cm, but it's easy to make them bigger. I'm using cheep bedsheets, but maybe I should sew some scraps together in 40cm size?? I cut the batting from my precious roll imported from the US, but since I save scarps of batting too, I can use them for practice - or??

Thank you so much for taking your time and commenting and - have a lovely weekend.