Ka -BOM!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Ok, confession time - I've never felt a slightest interest in participating in either a NY Mystery (or any other mystery) quilt nor  any BOM (Block Of the Month) ones that there is plenty of "out there". I really can't put my finger on exactly why, it maybe has something to do that a lot of quilters worldwide does the same thing. Or almost the same, most choose their own fabrics.

That was until yesterday when I checked out Kvilt Stinas blog where she shows her latest creation - a BOM called Butterfly Garden by Leanne's House by Leanne Beasly. You got to check it out - it's stunningly gorgeous (Stina is so talented that I almost turn green with envy LOL)

and I knew that I just have to make one too. With my own fabrics and colors - of course ;-9 

So I finally found a use of the FQ bundle I showed in my last post, I'll probably need some more fabrics and - I need to go shopping for a good embroidery hoop (the Clover one I got is probably too small), embroidery floss, great needles and - the full 10 block pattern. I did some research and there is a very limited number of shops outside of Australia that sells that pattern and the Aussie shops asks for a whopping 196 AUD (1 AUD = 7,30 SEK). But I found a place in Holland that sells it for 92.95 € (1 € = 9.50 SEK). Not a huge difference, but some SEK saved that can be spent on the supplies mentioned above.

But first - order the set and then wait until it gets here, before I go shopping for anything else. Now I'm not very experienced in either embroidery nor applique, but now I'm going to have a project where I learn something new, that cheers me up and keep me occupied during the dark ages aka the horrifying Swedish late fall and winter. A period of the year that makes any sane person start to despair and long to migrate to warmer climates, hibernate or driving of a cliff ;-o

So I'm gonna grab my CC and purchase that pattern. Tallyhooo!!!