Scrappy clean up

Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Back when I had a website for my Botanical Perfumery, I taught myself not only to design and create a website, but how to change things within a WordPress blogg theme. I have tried in wain to do the same with a Blogger template - anyone who knows how to work the HTML editor to import your own header and sidebars and change the colors, please give me a holler. I am utterly frustrated :-(

So - while looking for some left over jelly roll strips to make some FMQ sandwiches of, I realized that my (rather small) collection of scraps was in an unholy mess and decided to do something about it. I mean - I'm not a Virgo for nothing am I? Said and done; sorting everything by color, throwing away bits way too small to use for anything, putting them all into ziplock bags (which is not as easy as you would imagine to get hold of larger over here), pressing out the surplus air before putting them in a spar box.

In that large paper shopping bag I also found a whole bunch of left over blocks from my niece's America quilt, some spare melon wedges from my MILs Double Wedding Ring quilt and some blocks that I only had one of. So why not use these single ones as FMQ test pads?? They are now spray basted and just wait for me to decide on how to do it. I probably need to do as yesterday, have a nice glass of wine while I do it.

Oven rosted chicken (stuffed with ginger, lemon and hot chili) and gratin aux potatoes for dinner. Standard for every second Sunday dinner around here :-)