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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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in a tiny drawer down in the basement:
I made these when I was in my later teens - outlined a bookmark and an ad for cat litter ;-o on a piece of muslin and embroidered away with ordinary sewing thread cause I had nothing else. The some severe laps of tiny zigzag round the edges. I know I made several more (one with Pooh holding a baloon), but I think I gave them away.

And here I was worrying that my embroidery skills wouldn't be up to par for the Butterfly Garden project ;-)


Trish said...

Those are so wonderful! How brave and creative you were to do try that, and such a success!

Wolfie said...

Ahh Trish - see me blush:-) Back in the 70th something patches was very hip and as usual I didn't want the same patches and everyone elses, so I made my own :-) And some for family and friends.

Got to wonder though - how did I ever come up with that idea?

Only 10 days to go now - hehe?