Once upon a time

Monday, September 19, 2011

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I have my own website and a blog in Wordpress. I created all the graphics myself in PSE (PhotoShop Elements) and some was quite good -
like this:
Or this:
Kind of dark and sinister both of them - huh?

And then my logo:
The logo isn't the sharpest you have seen, but heck if I can find the good version on our LAN disc where all my stuff is backed up :-(

So why are I showing you this? Well.... the above graphics are made in PSE for Windows (I thought myself everything) and now I'm using PSE 8 for Apple and to cut it short - we are not on friendly terms. Far from it.
I have a wast collection of brushes, fonts and layer styles from the Window time and they do work in this fruity version too. But it's been some time since I played around and now when I was struck by the urge of creating my very own header for this blog, I just can't find these danged layer styles. They don't show up on the screen at all. There is probably some button to push, but heck if I can find it.....Honestly, I'm on the verge of highjacking The DHs gaming 'puter and install my good ol' Win PSE for and copy all them xtra goodies that are stored on the LAN disc. Ohm, of course I have them copied to the fruity version of PSE :-) I just can't access the layer styles....brushes and custom shapes shows up though.

Well I have no clue on what to cook for dinner, so I have some more time to "play" around. If this PSE was a living creature I would for sure strangle it's scrawny neck ROFLMA.