Things we need and don't

Sunday, March 6, 2011

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This one I got in the beginning of my quilting adventures, cause some more experienced people said they couldn't live without it. Well, let me tell you this - I think I only have used it 3 or 4 times during a 3 year period. It just lurks behind the curtain in the dining room, living a nice, quiet and un-stressfull life.

This one I forgot to put in the last post, but this one came home with me last weekend. Now the best iron I ever owned was a Philips that you could use with or without the cord. I would never ever bought a new one if I hadn't dropped it on the floor and the water tank started to leak at the bottom. So I bought a Tefal (high on Ws) and even though I'm not that fond if it, it did it's work except that it started to go strange on the thermostat and burned some of the muslin pieces on the DWR quilt = GRRR!!! And then a piece at the very top broke of the water tank and the silicon that held it all tank to the iron kind of hardened and started to crack, so water dripped out while ironing = more GRRRR.

So I found this beauty, a Braun with an attachable sole for garment ironing. Now that is what I call innovative - one sole for quilting and one for clothes:-) And it has a 8 seconds timer, that is if you don't touch the iron for 8 seconds, the thermostat shuts it of and when you move the iron, it get back on. Now there must be some real thinking people at Braun, thats for sure. Just hope that the water tank holds better on this one ;-)