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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Yesterday I got this in the mail:
I haven't started on any of them - just keep myself in suspense and instead read an old Modesty Blaise novel for the time being.

Today these waited for me in the mailbox:
The blue ones are for finishing the new place mats, the red/green ones for my stash. I got them from Thousands of Bolts, a great place to get quality fabrics at affordable prices and from where I get most of my treasures.

Surprise of the year - I got a bit of the bonus system at work for last year. I haven't got a krona (SEK) for the last 10 years. Not because I don't deliver or reach my goals, far from it, but for one reason or the other, I was never qualified enough to participate according to the leadress I had at that time. Lucky me who now got a boss who sees and recognize my qualities :-D


Melody said...

Way to go Wolfie! And congratulations on the bonus. It's good when your hard work is recognized.

Wolfie said...

Thanks Melody!! But I haven't still figured out what to do with them fabrics, since I decided that the blue star theme didn't work either:-(