Heavenly scent

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Oh oh oh, in the mail came one of my orders from one of the two best of the best of the best soap makers in the world: Ana . I'm relived she packed my order in much bubble plastic or I'm sure than some postal person between there and here would have not been able to resist snatching it up for themselves ;-)

Ack - the smells that wafted up  when I opened up the plastic was amazing (as always) , can't wait to get into the shower tomorrow with one of them bars of soaps...think I'm gonna start with the Patchouli heavy one. But what truly sent me of may rockers (like when I sampled a jar of feta cheese that I never tasted before) was the Gnarly Bitch Body Butter. It's such an immense pleasure that swoon is a good word to describe it LOL. I have some on the back of my hand and can't stop smelling it. I know what I'm going to rub on my hands before going to bed tonight and dream paradisiacal dreams.

Wel, time to start dinner - Falukorv, fried potatoes and maybe if I feel nice, some fried eggs as well Lucky my family who has me to cook for them ;-9