A gifted week ;-9

Saturday, March 5, 2011

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When I met The DH he told me that if I was looking for someone to bring me flowers and trinkets, I looked at the wrong guy. And he has been true to his word...until Friday last week (16th wedding anniversary) he came home with this beautiful bouquet :
and was mighty pleased with himself surprising the socks of me. So he did get a kiss or two ;-) Not to be misunderstood - he do get me a gift for my birthday, but that's about it. The presents for the rest of the year, I pick out myself .

Then a friend from M1800Riders came by to pick up some stuff and he brought me a gift:
from him and his wife. Why?? Christmas came and went and my birthday is a long time away...The reason was kind of too personal to post here, but let's just say I got it cause I'm nice, kind and caring, which might come as a surprise to some ROTFLMAO. The carafe is from Eva Solo and is glass with some stainless steel and a zippered neoprene coat. I really truly like it.

I also got a package in the mail yesterday, the cone stand I wrote about . I did bring out an ordinary screwdriver to adhere it to the Horizon, but it was way to large to work. So I used the small screwdriver that comes with the machine (the regular one, not the flat) and after soma wiggling, I managed to get it into place:
It comes with some (at first glance) strange things - two of them plastic comes and two pair of nylon nets to put over the cone of thread.....I have not tried them yet, but will later today. Edited: I did finally understand what these cone shaped "cage" like things where good for - they make the thread wound of evenly instead of the whole cone going like a merrygoround.
You also get two nets that you supposedly should put on the cone of thread, but dang if I can get it to work. When I got the net in place, the thread got cought inside it and broke.

The arial is at it's middle position in the picture, but you can raise it half that length further. Why you would/need that, is beyond me ;-)

To make the thread run smoother, Janome has added a small thing that you put into the whole for the extra thread holder that comes with the machine:
After much trying I thought it was impossible to manage to get that little metal thingee to fit into that hole, but at last I was firm and gave it a real good push and reluctantly it slid into place.

If you ask me, I think it's a shame that the people at Janome didn't figure it out this from the start, that a machine for people who quilt, need to have a stand that can hold large cones of thread attached to the machine from start. Now this add on do work (although getting the screws into place......well let's just say I'm convinced that the person who came up with this solution must be of the male sex :-O) But why as customers/users have to pay for something they missed in the first place? Since the price is so low (even here in Sweden :-0) they can't earn very much from it, so why not offer it for free? Nobody who don'w have a Horizon can get any use from it - or??

Well it's laundry time (sucks) and re-sew some pieces on one of the set of place mats and hopeful there will even be time for some quilting.

Glorious sunny day although a bit windy. You might start believe that spring will actually arrive sometime in the not to distance future,


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Hi Wolfie, thank you for sharing your experience with the thread stand. I don't understand why it didn't come with the machine! There was one on the 6600 and you didn't have to take it off to transport the machine either.

I love my 7700 but am pretty positive their idea of beta testing a machine is showing pretty pictures to the board room.

Wolfie said...

Sharyn - I have to wonder what went on in the Janome construction team when they missed out on this holder. Not only wasn't it there, the add on is to large to fit under the cover and you have to unscrew for storage or bringing it with you. One more this that gall me is that the automatic bobbin winding that the 6600 had is no longer there and you have to turn the machine on and of, watching the amount of thread on the bobbies. Wonder if they test the product at all before they start production??

Said that I still love my Horizon, so far it's the best machine I ever owned:-)