Itty bitty thing

Monday, March 14, 2011

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Since the MP3 player we got for Christmas at work 3 or so years ago, won't play nicely with my Mac, I had to give in and buy one that is compatible....yeah, one more fruity thing LOL. It came in the mail today, rattling around in a too large box, packed in a appr. 5X5X5 clear plastic cube and my oh my, that is the tiniest marvel I've seen so far. I haven't listened to it yet (but the music is synced) since the battery is charging, but is .....reading the manual!!! I confess, I feel a bit like a dinosaur since it's sweep here, doubletapping there, drag this way or that ... what else can they come up with and cram into that small thingee?? Well I am in a bit of an awe, that's for sure - but Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks can be listened to and pictures on g-ds green earth is that possible? Hence the manual reading, I would never understand a thing otherwise.
The other MP3 just played music and that's it, although I do suspect that there was a radio hidden in there too.

The quality of the sound is simply great and - the earphones don't leak sound, so I don't disturb anyone at work. That is if I don't start to sing along ROFLMAO.

And here I am fiddling around with my music toy while I ought to be sewing or at least decide if I should stay with the color scheme on the place mats or - change them (and the pattern) to blue instead...decisions decisions ;-) First I'm going to sew a little pouch, I have the construction of it ready in my mind :-)