Gaudi nails ;-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

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A couple of years ago The DH brought back some gifts for us from Barcelona while on a conference: a couple of soccer t-shirts for the kids and this beautiful trinket box in an Antoni Gaudi design for me:
and it has been sitting on a windowsill ever after. Until yesterday.

Remember all these 60 bottles of decorative nail polish I bought from China some months ago? I think I said it before but the quality of these bottles has left a lot to be desired for, so they have been sitting there in a box, doing nothing. Until yesterday.

Not in a sewing mood I decided to try something with my new dotting tools (also from China for under 1 USD :-O) and started with yellow, green and blue. Then it struck me that the result was similar to the Gaudi box, so I checked it out and added red, white and black dots:

So here we are - a kind of Frenchie Gaudi manicure :-D Sadly my camera refuse to focus and give me crispy clear picture, it's probably that shiny Zoya Jules fault.


Trish said...

That is so cool Wolfie! And I'm curious to see how it wears - perhaps it will last longer because of all the polish on the tips?

Wolfie said...

Aghhhh, this post wasn't supposed to go here, but on my nail blogg.
Trish I do think it's kind fo cool too;-) Zoyas Jules isn't one of my favorite Zoya, cause it never dries and it chips of in record time, no matter Seche Vite or Poshé top coat.
But so far, probably thanks to all these dots and lots of top coat, it has stayed immaculate so far LOL.