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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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There are sewing machine dealers and then there are dealers of sewing machines ;-) and I have understood from my American friends that there are people out there who simply ought not have the license to deal at all. Maybe it's the same way over here, why shouldn't it? Even though the dealer who I bought the Janome 6600MC from gave me an almost unbelievable deal (but we had to travel round 700km to get it) I never had much to do with him afterwards. When it came to upgrade to the magnificent Janome Horizon 7700 I ended up with a local dealer, Stockholm Sycenter, mostly cause they offered the best price. But - afterward they have been nothing but good when it comes to customer services, answering questions, finding out facts and mailing the cone holder to me when I didn't feel like going downtown to pick it up.

On the Yahoo group for this machine, there have been some talk about that the original O-foot (that came with both the 6600 and 7700) was so bad that Janome has come up with a new and improved foot called (wouldn't you believe it) - O2 and all Horizon owners that register their machines online, get this new foot for free. Well - Janome Sweden don't have that register function on their website and don't offer any exchange of feet for that matter, so I emailed my dealer and asked if maybe we in Sweden could benefit from the same deal. The answer was - send me your serial number and I will get Janome to send you a foot. Now how about that - huh? I think it's terrific and such a very good way of conducting business. Whenever there will be an even better machine, guess where I'm going to buy it? Right now that seem like an impossibility, getting an better machine than the Horizon that is :-)


Melody said...

I'm glad to hear you've had such good luck with Janome. My Brother is about 100 years old (well ok only 35). A couple of years ago I was going to take it to a class so I took it in to have it cleaned and oiled beforehand. The lady told me it had a cracked pattern cam and they aren't available anywhere anymore so it could last me a couple more days or a couple more months but when it died it would just have to remain dead. I've been looking around a bit just in case but it's been almost 2 years now. Course she also said that the cracked cam was what was making it make "that terrible noise". I haven't noticed any noises that sound terrible or new so who knows.

I'm glad you love your Janome though. Helps me narrow my search.

Wolfie said...

Oh you should hear the Horizon - it create a mere whisper, even at full throttle ;-)
I can't imagine ever buying anything but Janome, even though I loved the others as well. But honestly, I can't think of ever getting anything but this brand;-p