Friday, March 4, 2011

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The Horizon has one fault, the spool holder (s) can't hold cones, just small ordinary spools. And when you quilt, using these tiny things isn't an option, you would be ruined :-O I have used the sneak version of putting the spool in a bowl at the right side of the machine, but when spooling the bobbin, it get all tangled up. So the kind people at the Horizon group at Yahoo told me there is an add on to buy that mimics the holders and arial that was on the 6600MC, I asked my friendly dealer to order me one and today it arrived in the mail = hurray. I haven't screwed it in place just yet, but later on I'm going to bring out the screwdriver and get going and as far as I can see at the back of the box, it's going to look like the setup on the 6600 = yayyyy.

It's gray, a bit of a wind and it rained a while ago. Hmm, better rain than snow, that's for sure cause then maybe the huge amount of snow we have will melt away? I have a weekend of umpteenth loads of laundry to do - gahhhh, how boring. And John, my "baby" turns 12 today, time flies ;-D