All time high

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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On Sunday I reached an all time high here at Wolfie Stitches with 73 unique visitors. Wow, I don't that happened back in my Ruby's  Jewels days. You get a kind of fuzzy feeling knowing that 73 people world wide reads what you have written. Now all I could wish for is some more comments. Come on now guys - a little comment hasn't hurt anyone and I promise that I will reply to each and everyone of them.
Yesterday it was sunny and a bit of the snow and ice thawed and of course, during the night it was freezing again. Soooooo blank shiny ice in the morning and when I drew through the gatepost the car lost all steering ability, just gliiiided on that ice and honest to g-d, the neighbor across the street was very close at getting a dent in her fence. For sure I have no clue whatsoever what I did to manage avoiding that collision, but I did with a pounding heart and red splotches on my neck. Gahhhhhhh!!


Melody said...

I have to laugh Wolfie, I started to comment on your entry about the iron (I need a new one so good to know your experience) and the flowers (very nice - especially since he doesn't do it all the time). I especially had thoughts about the sewing machine attachments. I bought a walking foot for my old brother and so far have NO CLUE how to attach it or how it works. But then again I haven't tried it yet. I'm sure I'll muddle through though. I promise next time I have these thoughts or others like them - I'll comment. I love reading your blog. And we've had such a mild winter (knock on wood) so far. I got up expecting 6 inches of snow and it's dry. Have a good day I'm off to work.

Wolfie said...

You know I did get a walking foot for my first Janome, a square white metal thing that was a horror to attach and remove. The Acufeed walking foot for the Janome 6600 and the Horizon is easy, just turn a sew this way and that :-D

They said we might expect 10-15cm of new snow today, but luckily it's sunny and one or two degrees above freezing. But it is windy, very windy and I had to hang on to the steering wheel in the motorway - though I was going to blew of the rad LOL.

have a lovely weekend.