More strange animal owners

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Yesterday I took Fiona for her "every 3 week" manicure at the vets and just inside the door sat a woman with 3 Chinese Crested/Powder Puffs. One of the started to bark at Fiona and that women went "oh she is an alfa, thats why she barks, she don't know she is small". Normally I don't get in clinch with these types of persons, but this time I just glared at her and went "I hardly think she is alfa bitch to Fiona". The girl got all flubbery and changed her version to that the barking ninny was alfa to the other of her dogs. 

In the waiting room we met a gorgeous BIG male dog who I thought was a cross Ridgeback and Rotweiler, but he was a Rotweiler Amstaff mix at "only" 90lbs at 11mo old. Oh he had the kindest sweetest eyes and was calm as a cucumber. We sat there doing small talk when an elder woman came through the door carrying a cat cage, looked us over and said "oh how many dogs there are". Many dogs? Heck it was just two of them there, the tinis resided at the bench inside the door. She got singed in, looked at us again and went "there are so many dogs here today". I just couldn't help myself but blurted "oh is he allergic to dogs then??" "Oh no, but dogs usually bark at him". Here she had us big dog owners in titters (and no, don't get me wrong, I have  nothing agains small dogs nor cats) and neither of us had ever had our dogs barking at a cat...chasing them - yup, but never bark and especially never barked at all at the vet waiting room. One of Leo's (the big boy) three "mothers" whispered "but please feel free to let him out and he will certainly be well exercised" and we giggled like silly little girls LOL. Sorry, I know it isn't nice beaviour, but sometimes you can't just help yourself, specially when other animal owners behaves is such silly ways.

Well Fiona was reluctant to go with the vet assistant but came back after a little while having behaved very well and got her her piggy treat ear - as usual:-) Finally it turned out that her claw pulps are very long (even though I take her every 3 weeks for a mani) and maybe it's because of that that she always hated to have her claws done by us?? That even tiny bits of claw fix has been bordering on painful?
Well, one thing is for sure, we will never go back to do her claws ourselves. 150SEK every 3 weeks is cheep for a painless (for all) beauty treatment ;-)