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Thursday, May 12, 2011

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I checked out Kviltstinas blogg yeasterday and my oh my what a miracle she has accomplished!! From a like unruly storage space to a quilt studio showroom - she must have worked like a derviche. And the now the studio isn't only a marvelous creativ working space, but it kind of mirrors Stina's blog as well - the colors, the layout, the feeling.....

And I get somewhat jeleous...I want something like that too.  No the coloring and such, but the space and the possiblilities that comes with it. Today I have a rather small studio that was originaly set up for my natural toiletries and botanical perfume making with a small desk (posstivily overrun by glass bottles holding tinctures and various old perfume blends, nailpolishes and other clutter), 3 IKEA Ivar bookshelves, two cabinets, one armchair and a couple of glass shelves holding my dilluted essential oils, absolutes and concretes, forming a small perfumers organ. When the quilt bug hit me bad, I cleaned out the middle IVAR and a lot of Rubber Maid bins went down into storage in the basement and now it holds my fabric stash. Well at least part of it - opened Jelly Rolls and bags of scraps, IKEA fabrics for pillow backs, a fleece blanket, a couple of meters of T-shirt fabric (pink :-o what did I think of??) and some VIP that never will be finished are all piled upon the armchair, boxes of threads sits inside one of the cabinets, rulers here, stabilisators and freezing paper there.....and  - nailpolishes in the very small spaces in between. Needless to say, that place is impossible to work in, at least sewing no matter how much I would clean up the mess - there isn't simply enough room for all three passions of mine.

Sooooooo - I have a plan :-9 Even though our house is quit large, the layout is done in a strange way, leaving us short of bedrooms but with big open spaces in between. As it is now, John has the large den on the topfloor as his room,but he starts to long for a real room with a door to close behind him.

So if I clean out my studio, paint the walls, manage to fit in a closet and somehow convince The DH to draw a lot of cables and install outlets for TV and internet, then Sam can move down there (he will get a bit larger room than he has today then) and John can move into Sam's small room (but is has a door and a small walk-in closet). Sell the Italian corner leather couch (now that is going to be a hard nut to crack with The DH) and the sofa table, clean out all the medium high Billy bookshelves in the "hallway" from kiddy stuff and then - I will have a large space just for me, lighted wonderfully. A verraaahhhhh large space in total :-D

A cutting table, an ergonomical sewing space, nice shelvings for books and patterns, the Billys to hold the fabric stash and my collection of lovely tin boxes (from my overly generous friend Lisa in USA) to hold all notions. Maybee I can even convince The DH to make me thread holders and - I think I keep the armchair for handiworks in comfort. Thus the dining room table will be free of the sewing machine and what ever ongoing project I'm working on, all little notions that sits on the bookshelves will be gone and so will the quilting books and magazines, holders filled with clippings and whatnot....

Ack ack, maybe it all will just have to wait until Sam leaves home? But in the meantime I dream a little dream for me LOL.


Melody said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan Wolfie. I had a sewing room for a time but then my daughter moved back home. She's looking for a place and when she moves I'll have an extra room for guests and a sewing room again. I'm going to miss her but while she's accumulating stuff for the new place my sewing room keeps getting more and more buried in stuff.

We're getting an IKEA that opens soon. I'm so psyched!

Wolfie said...

Melody - IKEA is simply great for many things, among them storage. But I read an American (!??!) article on what not to buy there and among the things was table ware, cutlery and beds . But I promise, you are going to go bananas over the bookshelves, set of drawers, boxes and file things. I buy my feather pillows for the couch there, cards and fabrics (not the greatest looking, but they work) for backings on pillowcases.

Don't forget to take lunch in the restaurant - Swedish meatballs f.i. :-D