Friday, May 27, 2011

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For the last couple of days I have (once more) been thinking about how generous some people are to virtual strangers. Like when I found this
in the mail two days ago. These beauties came from Annika, the girl who got my extra O2 Horizon foot. The thing is - I love surprises, both to give and to receive, so along with the foot, I cut some pieces of some of the latest fabrics I bought and sent them too.

As long as I have been active online in several handicraft groups and forums, I have met truly generous people and all of them women. Botanical perfumery, handmade natural toiletries, soy candles, mineral makeup and now - quilting, where all girls willingly share knowledge and materials. I have got: books, I have got makeup brushes and flocked sponges, I got exotic botanical materials, lovely tinned jars, home grown and distilled lavender oil and waters. Some friends has acted as go-betweens when more substantial stuff has been bought - like a pool cleaner and tableware for the RV;-) And I have got threads, fabrics (ack you should have seen the immensely large zip locked bag filled with 2.5inch strips in blue, red and white that the Pickles had collected for me some year ago and hear a sigh of pure amazement) and I got nifty notions like a small 1/4in ruler in clear plastic. All this stuff that is almost impossible to get here. Everytime one of these packages has arrived, I've been struck with gratitude and couldn't help to ask myself "how is this possible"? That women on the other side of the world comes to a poor Swedish girl's rescue?

Of course I have reversed their kindness, trying to find typical Swedish things to send and that my friends are not exactly easy;-) since most things in our stores are imported. But one think I've been thinking of even more, is that this seem to be a female trait. Now, I don't have any experience from any male dominant groups, but The DH has his motorcycle club (M1800riders) and I don't see very many of his members sending him anything, only the other way around :-(

"Give and you shall receive" and know what - I'm positively sure that that's just the way things are :-D


Trish said...

OMG I was just thinking about those RWB strips the other day! That really was quite a box we shipped you, wasn't it? :~) That was so much fun to do.

Wolfie said...

Trish - yeah it was the mother of all Jelly Roll strips. I remember putting it on the bathroom scales and it weighted round 5kg!!! Know what - I still have something left .-o
But my niece still loves her American quilt and according to my sister, every now and then she actualy get down to making her bed - teenagers LOL.