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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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We needed new pillows for the couch in the living room and I had to think long and hard in what design to make the rectangular ones, not wanting to copy the old ones. At first I was lending towards some blocks from the Japanese Quilt Block book, but since I already used some designs from that book, I was not really up to it. And then it hit me - Cathedral Windows!! Maybe with bits from that latest FQ bundle? Nahh, to mundane...what I really fancy are jewel colors. Said and done - out with all the bags of scraps and start sorting through them and I ended up with one pile of reds, one of greens, some yellows and some in between.

This is the first time ever I think, when I have felt a twinge of joy in the middle of a project, but as I started to add these tiny bits to the windows, I felt pure joy. And - the end result bring me imense pleasure, now I just have to wait for more of the cathedral fabric and that mamba green/gold one to arrive, so I can make one more like it.

Right now we have some awful weather - heavy showers of rain and hail - gash. But here is something reminding us of sunnier times:
My sweet sunbathing Fiona :-D


Anna i Sandviken said...

Vilken fantastisk kudde, den gillar jag jättemycket. Cathedral windows har stått på önskedrömslistan länge nu.

Wolfie said...

Anna - jag skäms inte för att säga det, men jag är oerhört nöjd med hur kudden blev. Håller på med en fyrkantig nu, i väntan på mer tyg från Thousands of Bolts som tullen snott:-(

Ibland är det så skönt att ägna sig åt huvudsakligen handsömnad.

Wolfie said...

Anna - glömde att säga - TACK för berömmet!!!
Cathedral windows är både lätt och roligt, det svåra ligger i att få till rätt tyger;-)

Beth said...

Love love love the Cathedral Windows pillow!! It is bright and cheerfull without being flashy!!!

Wolfie said...

Beth - thanks so much for the praise - it gladdens my heart :-)