In need of project

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Well summer is approaching (even though todays weather leaves a lot to be desired for) and it's high time to start thinking what kind of hand sewing project I can bring along for our RV vacation. I do have some books on applique, the latest "Flowers, Hearts and Garlands Quilt" arrived in the mail the other day and honestly, I absolutely don't get it.....:-( I think I need to revisit my books on applique, including Dear Jane and some versions of Baltimore quilts, because as it is now I have no inspiration at all. But I do need to find some pattern so I can start audition fabrics and purchase the ones I need - yayy LOL. But I have found some usable threads, a small collection of YLi's silk variegated ones. I've said this before, but I do love variegated threads - they are like jewels me think and they are extremely useful. Since I dollar vs SEK exchange rate is so favorable for us right now, I might as well splurge :-o

Anyone with favorite applique patterns to share - please holler!