The place mats round III and stupid dog owners

Thursday, April 21, 2011

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The day before yesterday I got the Rhapsody (and it's siblings) in the mail and could finish the 3rd set of place mats. Well, the first two are just tops, so they don't count fully ;-)
I made two of each, so they last for almost the entire extended family and in the end I'm quite pleased with the result.

On a different note - does this look like a lethal dog to you??? This girl has never even showed her teeth to anyone (but the neighbor GS pup Teves when he went for her teats LOL).

 The DH let the dogs out round 8am and of course - three women with a whole bunch of dogs (two golden and the rest was Yorkshire) came round the corner and WOWOWOWOW and wipwipwip. Then one of the women asked The DH if ours use to jump over the fence and he answered "only once"! Oh piped the woman, then you shouldn't let them out by themselves since they have bitten of the leg of another dog!!! Bitten of a leg??? Our dogs??? The DH went mildly berserk and told her that she ought to be sure of what she sail before throwing around accusations like that! Even when provoked, the Queen Bitch of the Universe Fiona, has never as much as nibbled on another dog. Not even her worse enemies ;-)

I told that lady how far of she was and which neighborhood dog it was that took to bite small dogs. an Airdale Terrier that is thankfully in doggie heaven for quite some years now.

Tomorrow is the start of a 4 day Easter Weekend here and today is a "short" day which both me and the DH has taken of = five days from work :-D

Happy Easter all!!


Melody said...

Love the placemats Wolfie. I know you'll be glad to have them done.

I'm glad you and DH were there to set the stupid dog owner straight. You'd hate to let them start trouble for you.

Wolfie said...

Melody - thanks for the nice words and know what? In the end I am kind of pleased with them myself.

That studio woman talked about an incident that happened round 6 yrs ago. Makes you wonder...

Wolfie said...

Stupid woman, not studio.. rolling my eyes.