Thursday, April 14, 2011

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This is pictures of some of the first things I sewed when I started on the quilting adventure.
The two pictures on the left shows a pillow made with quite expensive (as everything quilting is here) FQs that I bought a bundle of at the Sewing Festival in the fall of 2007 I think and the one to the right is made of both quilt fabrics and the green one is bought at sale.

Now I wonder if anyone out there has any idea about what has happened to these fabrics? It's like they just have disintegrated or something like that. When I see these I kind of despair, what if this phenomena happens to objects I have made on commission or as gifts to loved ones in four years ahead in time? Is it the threads, mice with acid or bad fabrics that is the reason???

Thankful for any input on this matter. I've been to IKEA to get some new inner pillows and some fabrics for backing. Now I just have to figure out what pattern to use for some new covers :-)

I have some more pillowcase I made around the same time, but they are just fine.


Melody said...

Don't really know Wolfie. They look a bit like an old quilt made by my DXH's grandmother as far as the damage goes. Were they possibly stored in something that maybe had an acid base like a plastic box or something similar?

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I have a couple of quilts I'm on my third top on :) washing and wearing wears things out. In the case of your specific pillow it looks like damage you would see when fabric is exposed to bright light over a period of years.

another thought without seeing the items, that split fabric, further to the left looks like the problem might be with the thread rather than the fabric.

I'm also wondering about the pillow insert, was it treated in the making with some kind of heaven knows what which reacts with the fabric over it. If you use these again, I'd put an inner slipcover between the pillow form and the fabric in your piecework.

Disheartening I know, but if our things aren't used and loved what use were they? Sharyn

Wolfie said...

Melody: they haven't been stored anywhere, but have lived their lives on the couch.

Sharyn: I think I only washed all of the five cases once (and together). They where all five sewn within the same timeframe and I belive that I used the same thread in all, Guterman since I haven't any fancy threads back then LOL. When you wrote about the pillow insert I first thought - that is it! But the two affected cases have different inserts...
The mystery continues