Shopping spree

Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Haven't bought any nailpolish lately, so I felt I could splurge on new fabrics ;-) Mostly bought with a project in mind - you know them place mats that I have been changing my mind about this way or the other.
So two packs of Bali Pops, Berry Blue and Blue Hawaii from Hoffman:

A full FQ bundle (the second one full collection that I ever bought) Scarborough Fair:
All these three from Fat Qarter Shop and I think I'm gonna use some of them for a new snuggle quilt just for me:-)

And yesterday some grayish ones (the camera didn't capture the correct colors) came from Thousands of Bolts:
These i bought with a new color scheme for place mats in mind, thought they would go well with the new china. But now I'm not so sure - to much alike colors can't be good can they??  Again, why on earth do I fuss over these place mats when most parts of them are covered by plates, glasses and cutlery? Sometimes I despair over myself LOL.

So far today I have one load of laundry in the washer, have picked up all dog poop, raked the entire front from twigs and leaves and put them in the large "garden rubbish" bin. Yesterday I took all the soda cans and bottles (four large plastic bags full) to get the money back (here it's called "panta", did the grocery shopping for the weekend and then took all the cardboard boxes, bottles, tins, newspapers and plastic containers to the recycling station. Pueeeee. Only tow more loads of laundry and marinate some pork for the grill dinner to go. Full tilt ahead LOL.