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Sunday, August 14, 2011

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I'm sure this happens to all of you, but nevertheless it's danged annoying when it occurs - you are almost out of fabric! No, not that the stash is running low, but when you finally find the perfect fabric for your project and you realize that there is too little of it to go last.

There I was, having done something with my trial run of hexagons...... that is I followed Melody's suggestion and used black as a contrast and put them all together in a row with the intent of making a table runner out of it.
For that to happen I needed something to applique this row of flowers onto. I swear, I went through almost my entire stash to find something that worked. I even went as far as to cut up some red Kaufman Flourish fabric and hand stitched it halfway when I realized that it wasn't it. Finally I gave up and asked The DH for advice, he took one look and said "darkish blue" and at once I knew what fabric to use - Robert Kaufman Fusions 5574-80 Evening. The pic is very unfocused, but you get the grip - it works!
And whatdayaknow? As you can see there isn't enough of it! I bought it from Sewthankful, but of course it was on clearance and they have no more of it in stock. Googled but found only the usual Fusions fabrics, not this one - see me pout here :-( If there is anyone out there who has any idea on where to get some or - have a piece to sell me, please send me a message.

Dark clouds are sailing up and not only in my mind LOL, dark charcoal grey ones, a strong wind and I'll bet it's gonna rain pretty soon. You sometimes it's the little things in life that puts a smile on you face, like getting a new tea mug:
It's painted with different herbs and it comes with a small tray to put your sandwich on and a little lid/saucer:
Think I'm going to make me a nice cup of jasmine tea :-)