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Sunday, August 21, 2011

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I do have Sam' permission to post this here;

It's a school assignment in the "picture and form" class (Swedish "Bild och Form") where they was divided into teams and was to make a 3-4 minutes long video - whatever topic they choosed. Sam's team chose a soccer inspired theme, but after thinking long and hard, Sam it wasn't his thing and decided to jump ship and do his very own movie - Top Gun on a M1800 motorcycle.

Since Sam is such a stickler for details, it took a while for him to get to the start-to-shoot point and the weeks that followed was enough to drive any parent up the wall and in the end, he was not finished when school was out. But we made one thing very clear to him - before the start of the fall term, that #€€%%&&& film had to be finished. One thing I learned from this - never threat a teenager into doing anything - bribe him instead ;-o

Tomorrow school starts and - today the whole movie is finished in all of it's glory. Let me tell you this - I'm so frigging proud of my darling son - he did deliver on time on money LOL, but not only that - the film is great!

So - here it is: M1800 riders, hopefully you'll like it ;-)

The girl is our neighbors sons (Viktor) girlfriend Petrina and it's Viktor who shot that scene. The M1800 rider is of course The DH, Sam is a bit too young to handle that machine ;-)

 "SLUT" has nothing to do about loose women;-P. It's simply the Swedish word for "The End".

And the grave side sequence is not filmed at a real grave, but something we put together on our property with a piece of slate and some flowers. I find that scene well put together and quite touching.

Even John, aged 12.5 yrs think that Sam has done a terrific job. If that isn't high praise, I don't what is ;-9


Melody said...

What a wonderful film Wolfie. Quite an accomplishment for him!And I know, as a parent just how much work that was for all of you!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Wonderful! Congrats to the filmmaker and his parents for enduring the process LOL! And thanks for explaining Slut! That was a bit of a shock for an English speaker

Cheers, Sarah

Wolfie said...

Melody and Sarah - Sam sends his "thank you for your praise" :-) He is mighty proud and has had over 300 hits in less of one week and that is without any tags at all. He has "Bild och Form" on Tuesday, going to be interesting to hear what the teacher thinks....if he even have watched it yet.