Almost a miracle

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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You know how this work with putting the hexagon flowers together have stumped me artistically. It went so far that I laid in bed at night wrestling with hexies thoughts ......round and round.

Then Melody came up with the most genius sugestion - putting solid color hexagons round the colored ones, so of to IKEA I went and bought 7.5 meters of solid black and solid of-white fabrics at sale - SEK 19.00/meter (less than USD 3.00)!!! Since the fabrics at IKEA is far from a good quality, I washed them both separately, dried and ironed them just to be sure of evenness in cutting. Then cut and cut and baste and baste....a lot of little black hexagons, stitched some to two of the flowers and know what? The colors just popped out!!
Look here:
From being an undistinguished jumble of mishmash (se earlier post) bits, the flowers became distinct - miraculous huh? So last night in front of Navy CIS and The Stepford Wifes I basted even more black hexagons, almost holding my breath with the possibilities and having a small creative fit. Ok, the pic above isn't the best one, the camera in the cell phone is great, but not so great that it can take these hard contrasts. But it's going to be very interesting to see how the different colored flowers will hold up to a black border.... Soon very soon I will bring these back small thingees and some flowers out and start stitchin. But first I'm going to copy Stevie Nicks latest solo album that I borrowed from the music club at work. You pay just under 20USD per year and have access to a huge variety of new and old albums. Sweet deal LOL.

Now some might think that hand stitching is beyond tedious and boring, but I love it. Well not so much that I would hand quilt a bedspread LOL, but it's something about this EPP that is mind numbing and soul soothing at the same time. As my former (and the best doc ever) said - Wolfie, sewing is god for the soul! Nobody knows why, but there is something cerebral about it :-D

Thank you so much Melody for your suggestion, without it I would still be stumped. Hugs!

PS I don't know if my dogs love pancakes or lasagna the most, but the latter last longer:
After these two had a go at the dish, you could almost skip the washer ROFLMAO.