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Saturday, August 6, 2011

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In my quest to tidy up my sewing supplies, I made a quick trip to our nearby IKEA store (appr 15-20 minutes drive from here) to get some storage boxes. I found a new line called "Kvarnvik"
quite nice I thought and got 5 of them in different sizes:
I borrowed the pic from IKEA's website, cause I can't get mine to photograph well:-(

Of course when it comes to IKEA you have to put all sorts of things yourself, even this and the descriptions  isn't always self-explanatory......but us long suffering Swedes are used to them LOL.
So two of these boxes (for papers) now hold my smallish stash of FQs, one (for CDs I think) hold Charm Packs (now that is a tiny collection) and one for rulers etc.

Moved a few more books around to get place for all that:
and look - I have even rolled up my jelly rolls :-D
The books BTW are half of my collections of cookbooks and books on gardening that I could't fit in anywhere else....Can't help but wonder what on earth I'm going to do the day the stash grows out of these shelves). Talking about that, I bought a few things from Fat Quarter World last week and here is what I got:

A Moda Jelly roll and 1/2 yrd each from Nancy Halvorsens new collection -  a quite modest purchase if you ask me;-9

The hexagons...... well I truly need to put my mind together to talk about them. Talk about a BIIIIIIIGGG challange!!


Melody said...

We got a new IKEA store here in Denver and DD and I had a ball wandering through. I picked up a catalog and she's already planning what to get for her new house.

Wolfie said...

Melody - I wrote a reply to this yesterday but it seem to have gone missing. Tell your daughter that I read only recently that there are two things not to buy at IKEA - the first are bed and the second tableware.
Don't forget to take lunch in the restaurant - Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam = yummy :-D