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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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I still consider myself to build my stash, so I buy fabrics I fancy, rather more than with any specific use in mind. Yesterday found my postbox with two USPS flatrate envelopes, stuffed with my latest purchase from Thousands of Bolts, one of my two favorite fabric online stores.
12 yards for just a bit over 500SEK including postage :-) That my friends is round 43 SEK per yard! Can anyone residing in Sweden explain to me why anyone shops at their Swedish LQS (or Swedish online stores) where fabrics are at 150-160 SEK per meter??? The only reason I can think of is if you want to view and match fabrics IRL, but that goes for the LQS only.... but in both cases you are ripped of. OK ToB is an outlet, but I find their range and quality as good as anyone.
The other online store I favour is Fat Quarter World where I occasionally get my Jelly Rolls, Charm packs and an FQ bundles. OK they are not as cheap as ToB, but they have excellent customer services and ships in flatrate envlopes. Every now and then I splurge on a 0.5yrd of some new fabrics, compared to Swedish prices they are still very low, round 65 USD/yard or something like that.

Sam and I went to the vets and had the girls nails fixed, the drive home was a race against the dark clouds and right now we have heavy rains, thunder and lightnings. Poor Fiona hates this and wines constantly, even with fatty cotton plugged in her ears and the radio on.....being gun shy ain't easy. I think I'm going to go out and open up the RV, she feels so much safer out there.


Melody said...

I have one dog that is just now recovering from the July 4th fireworks (which of course go on for at least a month before and after). It's good to see her agree to go outside now without me having to be glued to her side. Or when she obviously wants to go out but can hear fireworks or thunder that my ears can't hear and won't budge past the door.

Wolfie said...

You know I sat with poor Fiona,shaking and panting out in the RV for 2.5 hrs. At last I managed to get the radio going, closed the door and then we where cosy LOL. I confess, I was on the verge on going inside to get one of her tranquilizers, but opted for staying cause otherwise she would have climbed into the front seat :-(
I simply hate the fact that people are so stupidly negligent, that they have to set of their fireworks not for one, but weeks. We even have stupid people visiting the graves of loved ones (our back neighbor is cemetery, which sounds more gruesome than it is) and they set of firecrackers at gravesite certain times a year !!!?????? Poor poor your doggie that takes so long to recover. Fiona is right as rain as soon as that offending noise disappears.