What to do?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Now that the DWR is finished and left in my MIL's care, I am (as always) at loss what to do. I know, I know - I ought to sit down and finish the cover for the headboard of our bed, but honestly, I'm not really up to it. New placemats (here you can hear me giggle maniacally...you can never in your wildest dreams imagine what the automatic spellcheck came up with instead of placemats? Placentas!!!!!)
Booring! Try to understand the pattern and instruction for that smallish cosmetics bag? My brain feel fried at the moment :-( New covers for the pillows we have in the sofa? Hmmmmm, might sink my teeth into some of the blocks in the Japanese Block Design book. The last fabrics I ordered are quite Asian decorative. But right now I think I need some Treo for the pain in my head.

Outside it's snowing again....gahhhh and here I was hoping for spring;-) I have driven my car up to the garage that will give it some cosmetic surgery and went back home on the commuter train. The dogs are so happy I'm back again (usually never leave them home alone twice in a day), that they are snuggled up close to me on the bed:-)